New things, and Thinking beyond our artist role

Yesterday, artist friend J and I had a wonderful walk and an inspiring conversation. I found a kindred spirit in a similar place to me concerning dissatisfaction with the gallery world and current channels for showing and selling art.

The synch was, I’d been writing a post for ‘tending time’ about ‘Enlightened agriculture’ (still in process) feeling it to be relevant to this blog, but not quite knowing how to relate it to the more creativity/art centred themes I usually write about.

J had just returned from an international perma-culture course in France, and we got into a great discussion about new directions for local sustainable agriculture, as well as the importance for integrating art, food production, healthcare, education, all in a context of resilient community life.

One of the themes that came out of our intense 3 hour talk was the need to think beyond our artist roles, and to apply our creativity in any area that might need renewal. I think this is the key to the new arts emerging now, that they are intensely cross disciplinary, and oriented toward renewal, healing, and positive individual and societal change.

This is one reason why I will be spending time here writing about  the book ‘Walk Out Walk On’, by Wheatley and Frieze.  In a journey around the world to 7 communities located in low income, often dangerous areas; the most leading-edge themes related to societal change are highlighted in an immediate, practical and soul filled way.

Also relevant and inspiring is a discussion on art and income  I’m having via mail with E, another fellow artist. I hope to highlight some of the questions and insights coming up for us, and hopefully to open the discussion to anyone who would like to add their thoughts.

I’m totally inspired by the web- and face to face contacts I’ve had recently, they have drastically reduced my feelings of isolation and lack of purpose. And they have confirmed for me how necessary fellow travellers and community are to heal, uplift and inspire.


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