Enlightened Agriculture (and everything else) part 3

Ok, so why was I , with a primary focus on art as a transformative force for social change, so taken with this article. Because, where Tudge goes after presenting’ agriculture as it is’ and ‘agriculture as it could be’, resonates deeply.

In his thoughts about ‘what’s to be done’ he says:

…’there is a clear way forward. Renaissance. People who give a damn in all walks of life just have to start doing things differently despite the status quo. In agriculture , this means small, mixed, organic, integrated farms set up that sell their produce locally to sympathetic communities. It means cookery classes to restore traditional cuisines…

We need to bring all the excellent initiatives into a critical mass. We need to achieve a coherent philosophy- not a dogma, but a world view everyone can feel comfortable with.

In truth, the Renaissance the world now needs must embrace all aspects of life. We need a new, coherent world view that is rooted in all the existing disciplines and the ways of thinking that go with them. It needs deep roots in science, in moral philosophy, in metaphysics, in religion, in economics and history and political theory, and literature and artists in general express and make explicit what it otherwise difficult to get at.

So in principle, the kind of education that is needed could move outwards from any point’..

To this end, Tudge and his wife have started an initiative called ‘College for Enlightened Agriculture’.(Website temporarily unavailable).

Start with agriculture, and you see it has led to every other discipline- demonstrating the  idea that ‘start anywhere, follow it everywhere’ is an essential concept for these times.

I’ll be writing more about this saying and the context I found it in soon.


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