#1 First steps on the Pieterpad

another traveller

Another traveller

Pieterpad, Pieterburen to Eenrum

For the introduction to this (hopefully) 481 km journey, please click on the heading,’Walking the Pieterpad’ in the black bar above.

This is what I had in my mind’s eye when I decided to walk this path- a solitary, contemplative journey through my adopted homeland.

I started out on March 29th this year (2014) on a morning that promised to be fine weatherwise. It was a bit misty and cold, and early in the season, so I hoped I wouldn’t encounter too many other walkers. The path fortuitously for me, starts out nearly in our backyard. I took public transport  to reach the starting point, the village of Pieterburen.

Other Pieterpad walkers disembarking

Other Pieterpad walkers disembarking

On the bus were several couples, all with the Pieterpad guidebook. I’m normally social, but this was a personal ritual and I didn’t feel like getting caught up in a chatty group. Luckily they all stayed on for coffee and cakes in the village, and I set out alone.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I have a hopeless sense of direction, so managing to follow the guidebook and signs is already a victory for me. It’s great to start the walk on familiar terrain also for that reason.

There will be pictures of Holland at its most charming, of course, but it is important for me to show the reality of life here and not just tourist snapshots. This, for example is a typical farm for our agricultural area here in the north.

new grain

This mosaic gives a feel for the kind of landscape at the beginning of the path.

The other walkers eventually caught up and passed me. The walk was only about 5 km and pleasant. Below is the view of the church in Eenrum (pron. Ayn’rum) upon arrival there. I walked another kilometre or so to pick up my bike and cycled the 10 minutes home.

Church in Eenrum

Church in Eenrum


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