#3 Exploring the familiar

Pieterpad, Winsum to Garnwerd

For the introduction to this (hopefully) 481 km journey, please click on the heading,’Walking the Pieterpad’ in the black bar above.

path along canal

path along canal behind Winsum

I did this short stretch on April 22nd, just 4.6km.  It was a beautiful day, the only cloud on the horizon was that part of the walk was on an asphalt road with no real room for walkers and a lot of traffic. I wore a reflector vest and kept alert, and it was ok.

This was a scenic part of the route up here in the north with the north of Holland’s typical landscape features- flatness, water, livestock, grain fields, big skies.

Still every time I set out for one of these walks, it is an adventure into familiar yet unfamiliar terrain. For instance the picture above is a path behind Winsum, previously unknown to me;  I’ve lived in close proximity to this little town for  25 years, yet seem to still have some exploring to do.

The footpath led to a stile and a path through fields which came out on the country road. At a curve, there were suddenly fields filled with horses. This part of the road to Garnwerd seems to be known for its horse pensions and riding instruction.  The dozens of animals looked happy and well cared for, grazing on the new spring grass. Spring is a month ahead of its usual time here. We’re seeing trees and flowers in bloom which usually don’t appear until the end of  May.

Triple bliss

Triple bliss

Finally I saw the historic harbour of Garnwerd appear in the distance.

Garnwerd view

Garnwerd view

Since this journey is anything but a tourist one, I won’t be talking much about the historical significance of the places I pass through unless they hold meaning for me. This journey is an inner one first, oriented toward the actual act of walking, and the nature and people encountered on the way.

The sail-boat is sadly unsailable since as you can see it is built in. It is a tourist attraction.

I ended this walk with lunch out on the terrace, looking out on the water, at the locally famous Café Hamminga. If you don’t watch out, the bold little sparrows will come and share your apple pie with you, unasked.

Café Hamminga

Café Hamminga

cheeky sparrow

cheeky sparrow



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